some ramblings on body image…

I saw a pic of this intro to a show. Something about speed skating or wrestling or something lol called GLOW. There were a bunch of skinny girls in one piece swim suits and 2 normal sized girls in full-body suits, down to their ankles I think. My little heart just screamed NOOOO!

(at the risk of saying something totally politically incorrect, forgive me if needed!)

How many of you have looked at a normal sized lady, or someone ‘overweight’, and they weren’t covered up enough according to you, and you were like, “who wants to see THAT?” This type of thinking is totally media-driven. When have you EVER in ANY show or magazine seen a normal sized lady in a bikini? Without it being part of a joke or a horrible headline?

In my heart, I could feel this AHA! moment as I realized that some people DO want to see THAT. Normal sized people are attractive to guys too. They actually DO want to see that! Why do we need to hide our soft bits?

Not that we should be indecent mind you, I believe that our bodies are made to have soft bits saved for our special someone only in marriage. Our bodies are beautiful, special and unique. Every soft bit, every lean bit, every muscled bit, every curvy bit. Made by God, beautiful in His eyes. AND beautiful in the eyes of many men.

Hawaii Dec 2017 beautiful, normal-sized me πŸ™‚

Last time we went to Hawaii, I brought my very decent 2 piece swim suit. Back then I was much thinner than I am now, but even then, I just didn’t like to show so much skin. I am SO glad a friend talked me into bringing my bikini that I stuck in the back of my drawer! Hawaii… nobody seems to care! I wanted as much skin to see the sun as decently possible. SO I brought my bikini with me again and wore it the whole time and loved it! And, I might add, my hubby loved it too πŸ˜€

I was 18 when a young man told me he did not understand why women were attracted to guys. They are rough, scratchy, hairy and hard. Girls on the other hand are soft, smooth and curvy. I had NO idea what he was talking about at the time. I thought he was pretty weird to be honest. lol! We were talking about how love is blind and how that girls have to be blind to love a man.

Well, that is not true. Neither gender has to be blind to love someone imperfect. My hubby told me I am beautiful and I didn’t believe him. Why? Because I have believed the lies of the media and the world. No more! Skinny is not the only beautiful. Us normal-sized folks are beautiful too. <3


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I'm a bit of a health nut and not ashamed of it! God, family and Missions are huge passions and driving forces in my life. I have had fibromyalgia for most of my life and am in the process of a treatment that is gonna give me my life back! Join me in my journey to wellness, make some new friends and maybe encourage someone else along the way!
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11 Responses to some ramblings on body image…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Christine, Liked your blog! You’re beautiful just the way you are! ☺️

  2. Becky Roy says:

    Beautifully written and so true!

  3. Dana says:

    Christine, I love this. And it’s true. My heart knows that, but my head, and the heads of so many others have been brainwashed. How do we overcome?
    I gained 15 leftover pounds from each of my three babies, and a few more later for good measure.
    Finally, on Atkins, I lost 55 lbs, and kept it off for near ten years. Now, because fibromyalgia has left me unable to get around much, I’ve gained so much more. And I Hate how I look. I’m embarrassed to go out and be seen.
    In my head, I’m a whale. In the mirror, if I can stand to look, I still, actually have a figure. I’m lucky that way. I carry it well, apparently.
    But how do I get my head around what my heart really knows?
    Thank you for the much needed inspiration, i will take time to dwell on it, and see if I can’t persuade my head to enlighten itself 🌻

    • Christine says:

      THat is totally our life-long struggle isn’t it? Trying to argue with our culture, knowing it’s wrong, but the lie being reinforced so often, all day, in so many forms. It’s really hard to remember what is true.
      We have a verse in the Bible that says to take every thought captive to the obedience of CHrist. This basically means to take all those random beliefs and thoughts floating around in our heads, grab them, process them, and give them to Jesus. In the Processing, and thinking things through, we sometimes can see things alot more clearly. Prayer and journalling really helps with getting our heads to believe truth. <3

    • Christine says:

      oh, and when I lived in Africa, the men think that bigger is more beautiful. It’s TOTALLY a cultural thing. They think that if you are bigger= more money because you have more money to eat more! Thin girls were passed over for the bigger ones, my brain was so confused! lol!

  4. Teresa Westfall says:

    Funny how now matter our size/shape we don’t believe we are “right”. I grew up very skinny and had red hair and freckles… I was tormented relentlessly. If I had a dime for every time someone said to me as a teenager ” you’re so skinny you make me sick” I’d be able to pay off my student loans. Think about that phrase!! No one would say that to a person who is bigger – ” You’re so fat you make me sick??”
    Not only my size but my hair color was an issue. Now everyone dyes their hair red!! I’m glad “ideal body shape” has been changing in recent years to be more accepting. But I also have learned to love myself the way I am,- skinny, red haired and freckled!! 😍

    • Christine says:

      I totally hear you Teresa!!! I have seen a comment by someone in your shoes, commenting on a site about normal-sized models. She got shot down horribly because of the jealously of people who want so bad to be her. I felt so bad for her. I guess we all want what we don’t have. ‘The grass is always greener’ and all that.

      It’s a matter of learning to be content. And thankful. We should always try to be our best selves, but at the end of the day, we need to accept who we are and be content, so that we can be at peace. God knows we need to be content, He tells us over and over in the BIble. When we are content and thankful people, we are happier and at peace. Big things! Everyone is looking for peace and happiness! <3

  5. Marsha Scott says:

    AMEN and AMEN!!!!!!!!

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