Stew (HG strict, GF, SF, LC)

stew (HG strict, GF, SF, LC)This is an amazing new recipe that came to me in desperation to thicken sauces and gravy’s without giving in to flour. 😀

And yes! I’ve totally tried every thickener out there and I gotta say BLEH! Some of them are just so so gross, I tossed alot of gravy and sauces before I gave up. They kinda just make it slimy hey?! EWWWW!

If you’ve tried them all and just not happy with the results, you are gonna LOVE this post! HG strict, Sugar free, Gluten free, Low Carb yumminess! 🙂

And it’s shockingly easy too!!

2 lbs stew meat, thawed or not! Put in hot frying pan and brown on one or 2 sides, or on all sides if you feel so inclined! lol! This adds alot of flavor!

into slow cooker:

onion, sliced and placed in bottom of slow cooker.

2 Tbsp butter (optional)

Browned stew meat with juices.

1 Tbsp sea salt

1 Tbsp fresh ground pepper

1 tbsp onion powder

1 Tbsp garlic powder

Put lid on, on medium, cook for about 3 hours (depending on your slow cooker and whether it’s frozen meat or not, can cook on low for longer, if going to work too :))

1/2 hour before serving, in separate pot:

2 Cauliflower, steamed 20 mins. When soft, blend 1/2 with some of the meat juices for 2 mins (ish). Pour into stew to thicken. Check if thickness is to your liking. Blend more as needed. If too thick, use some chicken stock, homemade preferred 🙂

Check for flavor. I added more salt and pepper before serving 🙂 Cauliflower soaks up the salt fyi! 🙂

Serve with rest of steamed cauliflower. and steamed carrots if you are HG lib 🙂 If you are HG Strict, don’t eat the onions!!!


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