Sugar Free Caramel Custard

This is the yummiest custard EVER!!! I tweaked my mom’s recipe for Banana Cream pie filling, and use it for all kinds of flavored custards and puddings 🙂 (See tips below for how to make my mom’s Banana Cream Pie) It has eggs in it, so has lots of protein to keep you full and keep the cornstarch from hitting your blood stream too quickly. I eat this only on a special occasion because of the cornstarch. PLEASE do not eat this if you are in the first 2 months of Hypoglycemia-Diet-perfectly stage! If you try other thickeners in it’s place to be Hypoglycemia Diet friendly, let me know how it turns out!! 🙂 And check out my new recipe Sugar Free Custard (Hypoglycemia Diet Strict and Lib)

Click this link for the Almond Crumble Recipe (hypoglycemia Diet Lib)


3 eggs whisked in pot well, then whisk in:

1/2 cup Xylitol (natural sweetener) and 2 packages Splenda

4 Tbsp Cornstarch

3 cups milk

1/4 tsp salt

Stir Constantly over medium heat till thick- if needed, whisk together 1 Tbsp cornstarch with 1 Tbsp water and spoon in, stir well. This can sometimes go a little lumpy from the eggs, not to worry!! Just insert a stick blender or mixer and mix till lumps are gone.

When smooth and thick, add 1 Tbsp Butter and 1 tsp Vanilla and 1 tsp Caramel flavor.

Serve hot or cold, with ice cream is delicious!

Tip: Not on the Hypoglycemia Diet? make this into my mom’s FAMOUSLY delicious Banana Cream pie: omit the caramel, and stir in a couple sliced bananas, pour over crust, wait till cool and spoon whipped Cream on top… OH MY YUMMINESS!! 😀

Tip: Make into any flavored custard by adding in your favorite Flavors, I use Watkins, they have SO many options!


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