Sugar free Cinnamon Buns Recipe- whole wheat, sourdough style =)

I made these Sugar free Cinnamon Buns for my husband, and he told me he didn’t think they would be very good, because the sugar and gooey-ness is what makes cinnamon buns so yummy! THEN he tried them!! lol, you should have been here to see the look on his face!! haha! Proved him wrong!! =) Just to warn you- these AREN’T gooey but they are still sweet and delicious!! Made from my Sugar free whole wheat sourdough recipe. Click here for the bread recipe part and then come back for the how to’s on making it into cinnamon buns! You can divide the bread recipe in 2 for one large pan of cinnamon buns.

So, now that your bread has risen and you have punched it down, this is where the cinnamon bun part starts.

You need: Xylitol, Splenda (optional- I add this in because it’s cheaper), butter, rum flavor (optional) cinnamon (I swear by the cinnamon from Watkins, the flavor is bar-none the best out there!)

So, cut your huge mound of dough into 3, using one of the lumps, flour your clean counter top, and roll out your dough till about 1/4 inch thick. (the thinner you roll these out, the more layers of yummy cinnamon you will have!)
Smear on butter as though you are buttering your toast with a generous amount.
Stir together 2 Tbsp Xylitol, 1 package Splenda, 3 Tbsp Cinnamon, 1/2 tsp Rum flavor. Smear on top of your rolled-out, buttered dough.You can make more of this mixture if you want more sweet, but dont add more butter, it will make it kinda slimy! I know this from experience!! lol =)
Gently roll up your dough till you have a long rolled up log.  Slice 1 1/2 to 2 inches thick, and place on their sides in your buttered pan to rise. (see picture above)
Bake in pre-heated oven at 350 for 35 mins.
Serve and enjoy!! =)

Tip: you can make yourself a yummy-type sauce to put on top when it is done baking by stirring together the same amount of the above mixture with a little soft butter and smearing it on top of the hot buns when they are done. We didn’t do this, because I wasn’t sure if they were going to be any good! lol! I will do that the next time!

Please let me know any thoughts, comments, ideas on ways YOU make Sugar Free Cinnamon Buns taste yummy!! thank you!!

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