Summer :)

Well, My husband is sick in bed and so in an effort to be quiet and lacking sleep myself from a rough night, I feel the need to ramble, so grab your favorite cuppa and join me! πŸ™‚

Anybody else here LOVE summer like I do? I live in the North, where it doesn’t get dark till somewhere around 12 or 1am middle of summer. That means it’s some WARM sun going on… but only if there’s no wind!And there is usually A LOT of wind! Tim built me a deck in the back (South facing) and for mother’s day he bought me some zero gravity chairs… LOOOOVE zero gravity chairs! There is nothing else out there quite as comfortable and relaxing as a zero gravity chair! All the aches and stabbing pain from fibro just seem to disappear!

So, with my fibromyalgia and Seasonal Affective Disorder, by the time Spring hits, I am so depressed I can barely muster up the energy to walk outside to our deck to sit in the sun. I used to be up till all hours of the night too, just simply not tired, my body was telling me it’s still DAY because the sun was shining! ha! Well, now I have myself a Sun Lamp and Vit D. I am just SURE it’s making a difference, the last couple years with the Sun Lamp the depression wasn’t NEARLY as bad as it has been. But still, every single year, by the time Spring rolls around I sit staring out the window at the sun in the FREEZING cold weather and just wish it was warm enough to be out IN the sun.

my previous shot of My Corner, it’s looking better, isn’t it? πŸ™‚

So, this is where the Sun room (my Cozy Corner) came from. My sweet hubby was talking about building me a tanning bed when he saw how AWESOME I felt when I came back from tanning. I had to talk him out of it, as the cost is a little CRAZY! LOL πŸ˜€ What a sweetie, he just wants me to be happy and I know he would do anything for me. I am blessed indeed! You know on a different note, it sure took me along time to see that about him. All I could see was all the things he WASN’T and I missed all the things he IS. In my mind, men aren’t as complicated as we think. They just want their women to be HAPPY! Anyways, off my soapbox and back on topic…

Oh yes! My Sun room! I dubbed it as such because it’s got 2 HUGE windows AND a door to the patio that has a huge window in it too! My plan is to sit by the window in the sun EVERY SINGLE DAY during the winter and I am just SURE it’s gonna make a difference! People always say to get outside and walk in the winter because you need that Vit D, but SERIOUSLY, how many of them live this far North that say that?? First off, it’s FREEZING, so I would have as much skin covered as is humanly possible and still be able to breathe, add to that the wind blowing, so my head is bent down to shield my eyes from the wind… so just WHERE would the sun be able to touch my skin to give me some Vit D I ask?? so YES I love Summer!!

During the summer, every single morning, I sit in my zero gravity chair and soak up as much sun as possible before I start to burn and get all wrinkly at a young age πŸ™‚ And NO! I don’t use sunscreen! Unless I am going to spend the rest of the day at the beach in the sun… I don’t like to burn because that’s means I can’t go in the sun TOMORROW! ha! I LOVE summer!

By the end of this summer, I have built up enough energy to walk almost 3 whole blocks and back! If you knew me well, you would be mighty proud of me!! YAY for sun, warmth and SUMMER! πŸ˜€

What’s YOUR favorite part of summer?

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