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Coffee Kombucha! low-sal, big health benefits!

If you like coffee, and are into the health benefits of Kombucha, then totally give Coffee Kombucha a try! With an open mind please! It’s not just sweet coffee flavor by the time it’s done fermenting, it has some tang. … Continue reading

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Mock Tea! Low in Salicylates

So, this is something I’ve been making for a long time now and just never got around to posting it. But it’s so yummy and just such a WONDERFUL option for those of us on the Guaifenesin Protocol who give … Continue reading

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Kombucha on the Guaifenesin Protocol!

Hey Folks! If you have fibromyalgia, you have likely tried EVERYTHING to improve your health. Kombucha was one thing I sadly gave up when I started the Guaifenesin Protocol since it is made with tea which will block the Guaifenesin … Continue reading

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Tea, Coffee and Salicylates

Coffee is FINE on the protocol to drink! BUT! If you are Carb Intolerant/ Hypoglycemic you cannot have coffee, (unless it’s decaf)! Click HERE for a bunch of info on coffee and caffeine from Claudia Merek (co-author of What Your … Continue reading

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Homemade Steamer Recipe

This Steamer recipe is mostly for those of us who can’t have tea or hot chocolate or coffee… I know, sounds TERRIBLE doesn’t it?! Well, I sure miss that warm drink, esp during the cold days! This here is so … Continue reading

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Protein Shake Recipes (GF,SF, LowCarb)

How to make your own Breakfast shake Iced Cappuccino Breakfast Style Recipe (Right) Strawberry Shake- breakfast style recipe (left) Rum and Butter Breakfast Smoothie Recipe Orange Julius Protein Shake with fresh Oranges Egg Nog Breakfast Shake Recipe (my FIRST attempt … Continue reading

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