thoughts on KONY 2012

Since first posting the below YouTube vid and info, there have been some bloggers who have more info on some of the goings on for this organization that is funding this KONY2012 campaign. It is a very interesting read, and I encourage you all to take a look, so that you are making an informed decision when you choose to get involved.

Personally? I know they have spent a lot of money on a great video! that is why it’s a great video! My excitement for this whole campaign isn’t because I believe it’s the best solution, or even the best use of money! I like the simplicity of it. The way they have made it easy for us to get involved, and their obvious passion and care for what is happening over there. My prayer is that more eyes will be opened to what is happening over in Africa, and maybe spur someone to sign the petition, get involved, go over there and see what is happening, do some giving! But mostly… educate! YES, we know things like this happen. YES, it’s not just in Uganda. YES, it’s horrific. But what are we doing about it???? I am not an inspirational writer, speaker or YouTube-er, but THIS I can share! THIS I can sign!

So, please, do your research, make your choices based on truth. Be educated! learn, read, but mostly CARE!!

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