Sal free Dental products, Toothpaste, Toms of Maine, Colgate

Hey folks! There has been enough confusion on this topic to warrant a post on it 🙂 (Updated April 20 2016)

This is kinda like my post on the Butters like cocoa and shea regarding Salicylates.

Toothpaste elmex_mentholfrei_zahnpasta

Elmex Toothpaste 3.3

sal- free toothpaste alfree

Alfree plain toothpaste 3.2

Basically, I have chosen to go the ultra-sensitive route when it comes to salicylates, as it’s just not worth the possibility of blocking on them. I am part of a group of admins to guaifenesin protocol support groups from around the world, and the consensus is that there are enough people who have blocked on Toms of Maine (bought out by Colgate) that we suggest our members stay away from them. Colgate Kids toothpastes have also blocked enough people that we steer clear of it too.

A friend emailed Toms of Maine toothpastes about if there are salicylates in any or all of their toothpastes, after a couple emails back and forth to clarify, this was their response, “Because salicylates are a component of any natural ingredient, and because all of our ingredients are natural, we do not have a salicylate free toothpaste.” This was from Tom’s in Dec 2015.

Cleure and Andrea Rose toothpaste and mouthwash (Click the names for links to their websites.) are the toothpastes that are guaranteed sal-free always.

Here’s the rest of the sal-free options we know of:

Toothpaste- soul pattinson

Soup Pattinson Plain 3.1


Squiggle Tooth Builder 1

1 Squigle Tooth Builder (Only the Flavor free ones)

2. Closys is the only exception for mouthwash, as the mint flavor is in a separate bottle, please do not use the mint flavor! lol 🙂

3. Here’s a few more options from the UK and Australia (click names for links to buy online):

3.1 Soul Pattinson Plain Toothpaste with fluoride protection

3.2 Alfree toothpaste.

3.3Elmex Toothpaste

Sheffield Dinosaur Bubble Gum Gel

Tanner’s Tasty Paste Banilla (

Tanner’s Tasty Paste Chocolate

Tanner’s Tasty Paste Dreamsicle (no longer listed on website)

Tanner’s Tasty Paste Baby Bling (no fluoride)

Kid’s Aim Mega Double Berry Toothpaste (This is the ONLY AIM product we can use!)

* Orajel is no longer safe (Jan 2018) when contacted, Orajel (Church & Dwight Co.) said that all of their toddler toothpaste contains mint.

Burt’s Bees Children’s Orange Cream Toothpaste (no longer available perwebsite)

2 in 1 for Kids Dr Fresh:(

Clifford Baby Fruit Toothpaste

Gerber: First Teeth: Natural Enzyme Baby Toothpaste

Gerber’s Giggles and Grins Infant Tooth and Gum Cleaner

Gerber Toddler Tooth and Gum Cleaner

Oral B Stages Baby Tooth and Gum Cleaner

Spiffies Tooth Wipes, Natural Mango,

Grape or Apple Flavor Sheffield Dinosaur Bubble Gum Gel

Orange Zooth Toothpastes by Oral B (various children’scharacters)

Fluoride Gel/Rinses:

Acclean Homemade Fluoride Gel: Grape

Cleure Fluoride Gels

Colgate Phos-Fluor Bubble Gum, Grape or Cherry

Colgate Gel-Kam Grape,Cherry or Bubble Gum or Fruit & Berry

Dr. Fresh Firefly Mouth Swoosh Bubble Gum

Colgate Prevident Non Mint Flavors


Denture Products

All rinses are fine –just rinse your dentures before you use them

Denture Adhesives

Super Poligrip Comfort Seal Strips Denture Adhesive

Fixodent Original Cream Adhesive

Fixodent Free Cream Adhesive

Fixodent Control Cream Adhesive

Sore Mouth Treatments:

Anbesol – Baby Oral Anesthetic Gel, Grape Flavor

Cleure Professional Whitening System (

Crest Premium White Strips

Orabase Soothe and Seal

Lidocaine Viscous (No Flavor)

Orajel Mouth Sore Swabs

Dental Floss

Any non mint flavor or unflavored Floss

Cleure Dental Floss

Crest Glide Floss Unflavored Dr. Fresh Oral Care Flossettes with Benzocaine

Prescription Dental Products

Colgate® PreviDent® 5000 Booster Plus (Rx only) FRUIT FLAVOR ONLY

Flouridex Fruit flavor

As always, please check the ingredient lists to be sure no mint or menthal etc has been added to them 🙂

It is NOT worth blocking, or even partially blocking your progress! Here’s another post on making your own toothpaste and mouthwash if you want to go that route. I’ve done it myself and it’s actually a really nice toothpaste, made my mouth feel so clean and refreshed!

*Please note that salicylate sensitivity plays a role in this! My website and support group are VERY sal careful, more so than the guaigroup and the book even! We have found certain things to block the salicylate sensitive people (such as using Vinegars topicallyStevia,  butters, gums, certain toothpastes) and want to be extremely cautious with what we say is safe or not. Anybody who is being mapped by Dr St Amand or Dr Congdon is a different story, as they have someone who can help them to know when they are blocking. The rest of us who don’t have mappers have to be SUPER diligent so that we don’t block, since we have nobody to catch it if we do!**

Click to see: complete list of FAQ for the Guaifenesin Protocol and Salicylates

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26 Responses to Sal free Dental products, Toothpaste, Toms of Maine, Colgate

  1. Linda Armbuster says:

    The guai group in CA said that it was OK to use “toms of maine” Silly Strawberry for kids toothpaste. Now im confused. Been using it for over 3 yrs or so

    • Christine says:

      Are you clearing? making progress with your symptoms? Because some people are more sensitive to sals than others and can not use Tom’s toothpastes… If you are worried, just go with the ones I listed in my post and you’ll be sure to be sal-free 🙂

  2. chaitra says:

    Tx for info on tooth paste.i live in india pl share d list of sal free products.tx

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hi I’m glad I found you, can any of these be purchased in Auckland NZ

  4. sophie says:

    Hi, Just a quick note to mention that AlFreeze toothpaste contains Methylparaben. I nearly checked out until I read the ingredients. Pity because they shipped internationally and for a reasonable price.
    Calcium Carbonate
    Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate
    Cellulose Gum
    Sodium Magnesium Silicate

  5. Lisa Mary T says:

    I ran across this sal free toothpaste today looking for something with antimicrobial properties after my new holistic dentist showed me a slide of the unwelcome bacteria from my 4mm gum pockets. I may try it or the non salicylate option he had was aluminum free baking soda and colloidal silver. Also, I’ve been using this device for many years and like to tell people about it

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