Types of Guaifenesin for the Protocol

There is much to be said about the different Guaifenesins, and it can be a bit confusing, here is some info on the Guaifenesin that is appropriate for the protocol:

FA: Fast Acting. Also known as Short Acting. (the kind you can take later on to speed things along, but not sufficient by itself for the protocol.)

LA: Long Acting. Also known as Extended Release (the kind you need to clear on the protocol.)


MDR/Fibro Pharmacy Guai (Marina Del Ray Guaifenesin) is in capsules and has Long Acting/Extended Release and also the Fast Acting/ Immediate Release ones. This is your best option for guaifenesin right now unless you live in Canada. It is a good one to start on, as it is reliable and been used for a long long time. Click here to go to purchase at MDR.

Generic guai (made by Perrigo, found at pharmacies all over like in Walmart and Walgreens) is the one with the compressed sugar and now with blue dye too. Dr St Amand suggests we NOT use this brand because of the blue dye that has shown to stall clearing. ‘Perrigo’ is not necessarily on the box or bottle as this is a generic brand. Always look for 12 hour and Extended Release on the bottle.Ā  HG (Hypoglycemic people) could react to the sugar in it. It has approx 1 gram of sugar in 6 pills. If you have the severe symptoms of HG, the generic is not a good idea, again I would suggest the MDR.

**Please note that Dr St Amand is now suggesting that Perrigo/generic guai as well as Mucinex is not appropriate for the protocol due to the blue dye.

Mucinex is the one that we use if there is nothing else. there is a 25% rate of failure to clear using Mucinex, AND with the 100mg FA layer on it, you only get 500mg LA. The FA layer makes it difficult to find your clearing dose because it hits the body hard and fast and can mimic cycling. Many people also do not clear on this brand because of the blue dye that is in it too. Much later on once you’ve cleared alot so you can handle FA, the Mucinex might work for you. You can find this in many pharmacies around the world. Pro Health is one brand that is basically Mucinex- with the two layers of FA and LA šŸ™‚ Check out this post for more info on: taking Mucinex for the Guaifenesin Protocol.

Estevan Guai is AWESOME but only available for those living in Canada. Long Acting Pure Guaifenesin through Estevan Pharmacy, Victoria BC. Speak with Kyle. Phone number: 1 250 598 2517 He is very kind but will have a lot of questions, he will treat you like his own patient. He sells both LA and FA in many sizes šŸ™‚ He does ask for a prescription, so keep that in mind.

The trouble is mostly at the beginning, the first couple months of titrating your dose to find your clearing dose. Click for:Ā  Steps to Find Your Clearing Dose.

In the end, everyone is so different and will respond differently to the different brands.

So, any more thoughts on these different guai’s?

Check out my list of other: FAQ for the Guaifenesin Protocol and Salicylates šŸ™‚
Walmart Mucinex

Walmart Mucinex

Guaifenesin CVS Pharmacy

Guaifenesin CVS Pharmacy

Guaifenesin Walgreens

Guaifenesin Equate

Guaifenesin perrigo

Fibro Pharmacy Guaifenesin

Fibro Pharmacy Guaifenesin







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I'm a bit of a health nut and not ashamed of it! God, family and Missions are huge passions and driving forces in my life. I have had fibromyalgia for most of my life and am in the process of a treatment that is gonna give me my life back! Join me in my journey to wellness, make some new friends and maybe encourage someone else along the way!
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35 Responses to Types of Guaifenesin for the Protocol

  1. Larry Seiler says:

    Interesting post, thanks! I was diagnosed with fibro over 40 years ago — before it even had a name, and long before the guafenesin protocol. We were fortunate to find Dr. St Amand, who took our symptoms seriously. For my most recent purchase, I couldn’t easily find 600mg Perrigo, so I’m back to the extended release Mucinex.

    Peace & joy, Larry

    • Christine says:

      thank you Larry šŸ™‚

      How long have you been on the protocol? Be careful with the Mucinex, remember that it only have 500mg Extended Release and 100mg Fast Acting, so you will need to take more of it than you did the Perrigo to keep clearing! šŸ™‚ Hope it works for ya šŸ™‚

  2. Larry Seiler says:

    Before guai there was Anturane (I forget the generic name). I was on that until I went to college, at which point I went off entirely because I couldn’t manage to be regular with taking them. Then one day maybe ~20 years ago, while I was visiting California (I’d moved to Massachusetts), I had a terrible attack. Dr. St Amand made time to see me & put me on guai — he said it is much safer than Anturane & as far as I could tell from the PDR, I’d choke on the pills before I could poison myself with it (unlike Anturane). So I took some… and had another terrible attack! As I learned is typical. Anyway, I stuck with it & have been on 1800mg/day ever since. I manage to see Dr. St Amand every year or two — I’ll see him again this summer. I’ve only been on the Perrigo for a couple of years — strange that I couldn’t find it. I’ll check with him for what I should do.

    How about yourself? You talk about getting your life back — I don’t think it was ever that bad for me, though I get plenty of aches and fibro-fog (and poor sleep). My older brothers have it much worse. Anyway, I’m being careful about concentrated salicilates, but I feel free to eat bananas — my oldest brother doesn’t.

    • Christine says:

      oh wow! Sounds like you are well taken care of with Dr St Amand as your doctor!! I hope one day to meet him, he’s saved my life!

      I’ve never heard of Anturane, is it a painkiller or something?

      • Larry Seiler says:

        It’s a gout drug that reduces uric acid levels in the bloodstream. It’s the first drug Dr. St. Amand found that helped with what I learned to call gouty arthritis & only much later was called fibromyalgia. He discovered that guai was effective — and far cheaper and safer — during the period that I was away from treatment.

        Dr. St. Amand is a delight & it’s not hard to see him if you are ever in southern California. I asked him (in some fear) if we was going to retire & he said no, he didn’t want to stop. We’re all glad of that, though I wonder who is going to carry on when he can’t.

        In New England the doctors I’ve been to about this act like fibromyalgia is something different. In particular, I never found one who thinks there is anything that can be done about it, other than treating the symptoms. That’s why I still go to see Dr. St. Amand — I’m lucky that my company sends me out there periodically.

        • Christine says:

          oh how interesting! Some of that might be in the book hey? I have such a terrible memory still, but I’m sure that will clear up shortly here šŸ™‚ I find it fascinating how the whole process cam about and he figured out about guaifenesin and fibromyalgia, etc. He’s so brilliant!

          I’ve seen him at a conference here in Canada and just loved him, he seems like such a sweetie! Esp in contract to Claudia! haha! šŸ˜€ SO happy to hear he isn’t planning on retiring too, but we’ve been praying and hoping for another doctor to take on his cause and research and clients etc. Dr Congdon could be our person, she sounds pretty amazing too! šŸ™‚

          WOW, what a blessing that you have coverage from your company for that!!!

          • Larry Seiler says:

            Alas, my company does not send me to California to see Dr. St. Amand. They send me there to attend conferences & such and I take an extra day to see him — and pay his fee myself. Like I said, doctors out here don’t seem to believe in curing fibromyalgia.

            BTW, I’m not clear, but getting better consistently, year by year.

        • Christine says:

          are you completely clear now then?

        • Christine says:

          That is so awesome that you are feeling so much better each year! šŸ™‚

          and ya, I hear ya about the doctors, we aren’t so much better here in Canada. Working on it though! We have a GREAT support group for the protocol in Edmonton and they have been training some doctors in the area, we’re pretty excited about it! šŸ™‚

  3. christine, thank you for explaining the differences of guai. I got the 600 LA from MDR but forgot to order some 300 for the first week or whatever. so, i’m taking the Mucinex 12 hr bi-layer for the first wk. I hope its ok for me and I’m not in the 25% it dosn’t work for. I’m only on day 3 tomorrow. thx again. Carolyn Bliss Turbett

  4. Tuth says:

    How do I join your group. I am bedridden with pain and have no family, community or healthcare supports. There are no doctors treating fibro in B.C. I have been beaten ( to test for tender points) with a closed fist and told I was crazy by so many doctors I have lost count.
    I have been on a strict ketosis diet for over 2 years and have canned 50 pounds. I am at the end of my rope and am just waiting for an elderly cat to pass so I can kill myself

  5. Diane says:

    Can you clear on a smaller dosage than 300 mg? I am very sensitive and feel like 100 is causing symptoms to amplify. Dare I take more….

    • Larry says:

      Hi, Diane. I was off guai for years and then restarted again — and had a really terrible fibro attack. I called Dr. St. Amand back & he said that unfortunately that’s how it works. He advised me to mark on the calendar when I have my worst attacks & then check in a month or two to see if they are becoming less frequent. So I bought a big bottle of ibuprofen & stuck with the guai. Fortunately the following attacks weren’t as bad as that first one. And the frequency of attacks did decline, just like he said. Right now I still get aches and headaches, but I don’t get that disabling pain any more. BTW, I’m taking 1800 mg per day — Dr. St. Amand has kept me at that dose for years as it gradually clears.

      Best of luck! All I can say is that any dosage that actually reduces the lumps is good, but I found that it was worse before it was better. BTW, Dr. St. Amand permits me to take a double dose of ibuprofen on top of a double dose of acetaminophen if I feel that it is needed. He knows that I won’t exceed that dosage or even exceed a normal dosage if it isn’t needed.

      • Diane says:

        Hi Larry. My biggest complaint is the dizziness and brainfog. My pain is very manageable. My symptoms getting worse are the dizziness which is scary and difficult to work thru. It really limits what I can do. It is the only reason I hesitate to increase the dosage. If not for it I would gladly take more.
        Also, have you had any luck with pure powdered guai, not time released? I have only had the pure powder for years. Never have used time released. I have not been mapped for a long time. Find it hard to do for myself, as I have many sore, Hotspots but not sure if I feel lumps. Knots maybe in my neck and shoulders. Perhaps this is why balance is so affected.
        Again any thoughts are appreciated.


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