Update on my Fibromyalgia Recovery, 27 months into the Guaifenesin Protocol

ok, so it seems weird to STILL be talking about recovery after 2 years still, right? Well, that’s what the Guaifenesin Protocol is– slow and steady, no instant cure. It DOES, however, work! YAY! 😀

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FYI, I am a low dose fast responder, so my clearing is constant and intense, the whole time, till I’m totally better. And I am only in a 18% group, the 80% of people who are not low dosers, clear much less intense, but take a longer time to completely clear. They often feel positive results within about 6 months.

OK, now on to my progress! 😀

Some things that have improved lately that are AWESOME is that I am not cold anymore! YAHOO! This might seem like a small things to you, but let me explain… I actually forgot what that felt like, to be warm. You know the cold feeling, right down into your bones, where it feels like inside of you is radiating freezing coldness? And nothing seems to warm you up other than a long HOT soak in a tub? And that only makes you feel warm for a couple hours? Yep, I’ve had that for so long.

I lived in Africa, where it was 45 degrees in the shade, and I remember laying in the sun and finally feeling warm. And my friends totally worried about me. I was so confused why they didn’t like to be in the sun, it had been so long of feeling cold, I thought that was normal. I even ran in the sun, the hottest part of the day, and ya, I got hot, and sweaty, but my friends seriously worried that I’d pass out, and I just LOVED how warm it made me feel.

THAT’S GONE!!!!! Now I think I WOULD pass out if I ran in the heat like that! haha! 😀 I feel warm inside. I can go outside in the winter without feeling completely miserable. I don’t need the house to be at 24 degrees to feel ok. Now, we keep it at 22 degrees 🙂

OK, enough about that one! 🙂

Also, I have much more energy. I actually bet BORED! haha! It’s so shocking! I have been so overwhelmingly tired for so long, I forgot what having extra energy feels like. I actually WANT to get up and do something! WOW! 😀

Now, that said, I still have a long ways to go. I dont have enough energy to stand in lineups without getting a bit dizzy and nauseated. And my legs still hurt enough to keep me off them regularly throughout the day. BUT! I am walking on my tredmill every day for 25 mins and not paying for it afterwards! I clean my own house and have energy to still make supper and clean it up afterwards! AND there’s more! ha! I can drive myself long distances again and still enjoy the company of a good friend immediately after the drive! YAHOO!!

Now, there sure have been some set backs. I could have been even better than I am now, if I’d known I was blocking. Apparently I am super sensitive to salicylates, and some of the debatable ingredients like cocoa butters will block my Guaifenesin from working on my fibro. In the last year, I made no progress on my mapping. As a low doser, I should have made MUCH progress in a year. After crying for a while and getting over the devastation of losing a whole year of clearing, I have purged all my products with butters and almost immediately have felt a difference. SO, I’m back to clearing again! 🙂

So, there you have it! I hope this encourages you and you are busily clearing away on the Guaifenesin Protocol too <3

If you are interested in knowing more about this disease, check out these links for more helpful info:

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I'm a bit of a health nut and not ashamed of it! God, family and Missions are huge passions and driving forces in my life. I have had fibromyalgia for most of my life and am in the process of a treatment that is gonna give me my life back! Join me in my journey to wellness, make some new friends and maybe encourage someone else along the way!
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6 Responses to Update on my Fibromyalgia Recovery, 27 months into the Guaifenesin Protocol

  1. ElizaBeth says:

    I had to convert your Celsius degrees to Fahrenheit. 22F would be cold to me!! And I like it freezing cold!

  2. Betty says:

    Hi Christine!

    Your words are so encouraging! I am very happy to know you are free of so many symptoms of fibromyalgia. I hope one day I will be free too.

    I have a question, or better yet a concern, about the possible side effects of the protocol. I am worried about the possible hair loss and the formation of kidney stones. Have you had any of these side effects? What information do you have about them?

    Thank you for your time and kindness!

    • Christine says:

      Hi Betty! I noticed you found our support group! Glad to have you 🙂

      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement!! If you get the protocol right, you WILL be free one day too! 😉

      Did you see my response to this question on Facebook? Kidney stones are not a side effect of guaifenesin! There are actually no known side effects to guai! THe only thing that has side effects is the guaifenesin that you might buy with other stuff in it, so don’t use that kind. Use PURE single ingredient Guaifenesin and you’ll be fine!

      Hair loss can happen with a few people as part of their clearing and reversing of symptoms on the protocol. But if it’s fibro/guai that makes you lose your hair, then it will grow back, and much healthier! 🙂

      • Betty says:

        Thank you, Christine!

        I have only used pure guaifenesin for the protocol. I am so excited to know that there is a way to feel better. I hope my hair only gets healthier without thinning.

        Thanks for your time and kindness!

        • Christine says:

          Sounds like you are on the right track Betty! 🙂

          I am excited too! Keep that positiveness, it totally makes a difference in getting through the rough days. It WILL get better, it’s just a matter of time! YAY! 😀

          Thanks for coming by and leaving me a comment!

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