Vulvodynia or Vulvar Pain Syndrome and Fibromyalgia

If you struggle with Vulvodynia, or vulvar pain syndrome, you are not alone! There is a HIGH percentage of us with fibro who struggle with this. Chapter 11 in Dr St Amand’s book goes into detail on why this is happening, what’s going on in your body, why it’s fibromyalgia, and how you can treat it!

Along with the Guaifenesin Protocol, which is reversing all the symptoms of fibro, he offers some very specific things you can do to help.

Dr St Amand refers to Dr Willems treatment of vulvodynia suggesting ‘expert biofeedback and pelvic massage or pelvic floor therapy can make pain bearable’ page 236. also using topical vaginal estrogen (sal free) creams.

Emu oil can also help as it’s an inti-inflammatory with the ability to rebuild thinning.

Prelief is helpful for vaginal burning.

Antihistamines can help.

Clive Solomons, Ph.D has an low oxalate diet that is found to be helpful also, you can find the info for this diet at

please note what Dr St Amand says about Mucinex in regards to women with this, in his book WYDMNTYAF on page 241,

“extremely sensitive women may wish to avoid Mucinex, the bi-layered guaifenenesin, because the blue dye can be a problem for them. A dye-free compounded guaifenesin is available from Marina Del Rey Pharmacy (” Click this link for: Different Guaifenesin’s available and where to buy them.

Check out the book by Dr St Amand,What Your Doctor May Not Tell  You About Fibromyalgia for all the information and helpful advice you can get for fibromyalgia and it’s symptoms.

We also have a confidential support group online for Vulvodynia. You can request to join by sending me your email address and I will add you. It’s a Group on Facebook, but I made the settings so that nobody even sees who’s in the group, along with nobody seeing any posts and comments on there 🙂

Click here for FAQ of the Guaifenesin Protocol and Salicylates

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