Whipped Cream Recipe (Hypoglycemia Diet Strict, GF,SF,LowCarb)

Homemade sugar free whipped cream

Ok, so shock of all shocks, come to find out that not EVERYONE knows how to make this!!! I know, if you’ve grown up whipping your own cream, you are probably shocked too! heh! I had a friend come over for a steamer the other day (basically a hot milk with flavor and sweetener) and I gave her whipped Cream to put on top and she was just ooohing and aaaaahing about it and scooping more on her milk with every sip! This was my first introduction to someone who had NEVER heard of, or seen this done, so without further ado… here’s the best thing since sliced bread! 😀


1 cup unwhipped Whipping Cream (find this with the milk and cream, called… wait for it… whipping cream! hehe!)

1/2 package Splenda

1 tsp Vanilla

Put very cold whipping cream in bowl or pyrex glass container (shown in picture) with Splenda and vanilla. Using Mixer on medium, mix till thick. Takes about 2 or 3 minutes. I like mine REALLY thick, but you will end up with butter or something if you mix too long, so just stop and check it if you need to. It’s pretty easy, you’ll be so shocked when you’ve done this once, and you will NEVER go back to the pre-mixed edible oil product! I mean, EWWW!

**Update June 3 2016: New post on making Whipped Cream the EASY way! 🙂

Tip: can also use other flavors like Caramel or butter or rum or chocolate or almond… the list goes on and on! 😀

Tip: try this with my Chocolate Mousse (SF, GF, DF) or my Strawberry Parfait recipe also Hypoglycemia Diet safe 🙂

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