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I am practically bursting with the excitement of this new venture!! What started as just trying to get rid of a few excess ingredients from my Christmas gifts kinda took off into a whole new home business!!! I am getting ahead of myself… let me start at the beginning.

SO, I was born at a young age, screaming my head off… or so I hear πŸ˜‰ OK, maybe that is a bit too far back! Let’s start with how I got into all homemade. I was a missionary for several years with New Tribes Mission of Canada. (An amazing mission organization if you are looking:)) Of course, missionaries don’t have a large amount of income, to say the least. Well, I began to be creative with my cooking and found that the more homemade and from scratch my meals were, the cheaper it was, generally speaking. I also found that I love to cook! This started my journey. Add to that the Fibromyalgia and Hypoglycemia, and natural, homemade, from scratch became a way of life for me.

Skip ahead to this November and my creative juices were flowing a little in overdrive, so I decided to make soap. hahaha!!! I started with dish soap- an absolute disaster, and ended up making laundry soap: success! toothpaste: so-so, bar soap: still waiting for it to finish curing (takes 2 months), and lotion: first attempt was a so-so and called it ‘foot creme’ πŸ™‚ This is where Christine’s Homemade Creations came to be! Sometime middle of December I had made too much lotion and wanted to sell what was left, thinking I could probably pay off my ingredients. And this is where YOU came in!! haha! 50 orders later, and 4 days before Christmas, I was turning down more orders so I could get ready for Christmas πŸ˜€

As I began to look at my kitchen, I remembered all the herbal tea I used to drink all the time, and that I can’t have anymore (blocks my medication for FMS- and that is a whole other story!) So, I posted the herbal tea and that also was an overwhelming response!!! I am running out of my herbs! Same thing with my salad dressing. I had made a huge jug of it, and thought I would just sell it to get rid of some so I could make a fresh batch! Ah well, I have clearly underestimated you all! πŸ™‚ It’s been a CRAZY fast ride, and I have so much fun with it! I hope you have a chance to take a look around and at least try a trial size of some of my product. And please, comment or send me off an email. I would LOVE to hear from YOU! πŸ˜€ Bless you all today!

About Christine

I'm a bit of a health nut and not ashamed of it! God, family and Missions are huge passions and driving forces in my life. I have had fibromyalgia for most of my life and am in the process of a treatment that is gonna give me my life back! Join me in my journey to wellness, make some new friends and maybe encourage someone else along the way!
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