Zucchini noodles! (HG Strict, GF, SF, LC)

Zucchini Spagetti (HG Strict, GF, SF, LC)LOOOOVE these! And you are gonna love me for sharing it with you!! 😀

So, I am a saucy person. Ahem, NO! Not saucy personality, but a person who loves sauce! Get it right will ya?! 😀 I think I’m so funny… 😀

Now, the dilemma, what to put the sauce on when you can’t have rice, potatoes, pasta or bread?!

Well, for rice, I do Riced cauliflower. I skip bread, no big deal not having used much of it anyways even when I could. For potatoes, I use steamed cauliflower. And for noodles? Yep, you guessed it! ZUCCHINI!!! 😀

So, I have been doing this for long enough that I have no idea where I got this tip from or I’d share the link with you!

Here it is:

DON’T fry your zucchini! BLEH! You have to salt it and sit it forever and then rinse it and pat it dry and then put in fridge without covering to let it loose even more water. ARE you kidding me?! Like I’d do all that! haha! Well, I was desperate for some new options, so I DID all that. What did I get? Mushy Zucchini, was totally gross. I tried SO many different recipes. BLEH!

OK, so here’s what you gotta do, you’re gonna love it! Spirilizer

Make zucchini noodles using a Spirilizer or something similar. (see left)


Fill your big pot with filtered water. (NO salt or oil please!) Bring to boil. Put in Zucchini noodles, put lid on. Set timer for 1 minute. DONE! Drain, and eat immediately! strainer and pot

I use this big strainer to drain the noodles, put the strainer back in the pot and put on table just like that 🙂 SO easy!

Zucchini is a soft veggie and unless you want a pot of mush, all you basically need is to get the noodles hot. SO yum!

Tip: when serving zucchini noodles, always put the noodles on TOP of the sauce, not the other way around. The sauce weight will squeeze out water and you will have a puddle on your plate! LOL! 😀

I eat Zucchini noodles with my HG, Gluten free, Sugar Free, Low Carb recipes like my creamy Rosemary Pork Chops, my Stroganoff, as a side dish to any meal, my Spaghetti sauce (from picture, recipe coming soon, subscribe so you don’t miss it!

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